Give a treat to your feet with DIY Pedicure

Give a treat to your feet with DIY Pedicure

Pedicures can be a relaxing and fun activity to do with friends especially DIY. They are also great for your health, as they help reduce foot pain associated with standing all day. Pedicure treatments vary in price depending on the salon you go to, but most pedicure packages include an exfoliating scrub, callus removal treatment, and nail shaping. But if you don’t want to spend on salon based treatment then here is a complete guide about DIY Pedicure. 

Pedicure Kit for DIY Treatment

First of all to begin the process you need a treatment kit. A pedicure kit is the simplest and most affordable way to get a pedicure. It consists of basic items that you are able to purchase at any drugstore, like pumice stones for callus removal, nail clippers for shaping your nails, polishing pads or buffer blocks to give yourself an easy manicure after your foot treatments are done, and some sort of lotion or cream product that moisturizes dry skin on feet. Pedicures kits also typically come with instructions on how best to use each item in the set.

Benefits of Pedicure

There are a lot of benefits to a pedicure. These treatments are hygienically sound because of the bacteria-killing chemicals that can be used during your treatment, and they give you softer skin on your feet due to exfoliating treatments or lotions. Pediaphiles also find that their toes look better with a manicured nail polish color as opposed to icky nails in need for trimming and shaping. It is also relaxing to get a pedicure: you can be as social as you would like to be with other customers, or opt for the solitude of reading your favorite book while soaking in some aromatherapy. In short pedicure treatments comes with a lot of benefits for men and women of any ages. At vibrant salon & spa website they discuss some benefits for men. But according to my point of view these benefits are not just for men but also for women and this is the most affordable treatment with bundle of health benefits.

Simple Steps for DIY Pedicure

There are certain easy steps of DIY pedicure. By following these steps you will have smooth and healthy feet for a longer period of time.

Remove Nail Polish

Before you sit down in the relaxing chair for a pedicure, get all of your pedicure supplies together. At-home pedicures begin by removing old polish. Cotton balls dipped in acetone function as a common cleaning aid. Use a cotton band this time with acetone and you won’t need to do any more cleaning. Give a clean look to the corners of the toenails by concentrating on them.

Trim Toe nails

If you are using a clipper to cut your toenails, make sure the blades are of good quality. In this way, rough edges and breakage can be avoided. You can either keep your toenails short or long, depending on your preference. The best way is to cut across the boards and leave about an eighth of an inch between the boards. You should not allow your nails to grow too long from the tip of your toes, as this would reduce the possibility of damage. You can smooth the edges of your toenails by filing them. 

Some tips about feet

Place the towel in the bucket at the bottom after folding it. Using this method, your feet will feel relaxed as you soak them in warm water. For at least ten minutes, soak your feet in the water. Each foot should be removed individually to work on the cuticles. For dry, rough cuticles, dab a little olive oil or cuticle lotion over them for about three minutes. Cuticles may need to be pushed back and trimmed if necessary.

Give a Massage 

Dead skin can be removed from heels, soles, and the outside of the toes with a foot file or pumice stone. Massaging your favorite lotion onto your feet and soles will soothe them. You can also use acetone-soaked cotton bands to remove the last traces of lotion and oils. With a clean towel, blot the feet dry. Let the polish dry completely before adding a second coat. You can apply up to 3 coats for best results. Finally, now your pedicure treatment is completed.

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